Preparing for LASIK During the Holidays

If you have LASIK eye surgery scheduled over the holiday season, you are in for a treat. You get to say goodbye to those pesky contact lenses and glasses. As the new year rolls in, you will start it off fresh with clear, crisp vision!

The even better news is that your LASIK surgery doesn’t have to complicate your holiday plans! Here are some tips and good things to know before you get you surgery so you can know exactly what to expect.

Be prepared for LASIK eye surgery:

What causes cataracts and how can it be treated?

Keeping your eyes healthy is important, which is why at Georgia Center for Sight, we recommend getting annual exams. If you think you might have a cataract, let us check it out and help treat it so you can go back to your daily schedule without the hassle of cloudiness or something interfering with your vision! Here are some common causes and treatments for cataracts:

Though the official cause of cataracts is not known, there are many things that doctors have explored that might contribute to the development of cataracts. Some of these common causes include:

Can I Get LASIK with an Astigmatism?

Contemplating LASIK eye surgery, but worried you aren’t a candidate due to your astigmatism? If you have ever asked “Can I have LASIK with an astigmatism?” we have some helpful information to let you know what options are available to you!

The easy answer to “Can LASIK fix an astigmatism” is yes, as the technology has improved, the surgery is able to almost always fully correct the astigmatism. If you have an astigmatism in one or both of your eyes, this just means that the shape of your cornea in your eye is asymmetrical.

Is LASIK Affordable for Me?

Oftentimes when someone is considering getting LASIK, one of the very first questions you might ask is “Can I afford it?” or “How much does LASIK cost?” These are valid questions, as surgery can be expensive. We want to provide you with realistic information about the cost of LASIK so you know what to expect.

Average cost of LASIK:

What can cause early cataracts?

We all know that as we age, our eyesight typically tends to decline. This is a normal process, but it might be more than just age that is causing blurring in your vision. If you are curious about what causes cataracts or signs that you might need treatment, here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding cataracts and cataract surgery:

What is Contoura LASIK and why is it better?

When you are pondering the question of what LASIK or eye procedure is best for you, you are likely to have many questions. We have provided some common questions and the answers to them to help ease your mind and get you excited about clear vision!

What is Contoura LASIK?

Contoura vision topography LASIK is an advanced LASIK technology that is designed to enhance the your results. The Contoural vision LASIK process is geared to provide better vision than the original LASIK surgery and offer clear, corrected vision.