PRK is an excellent alternative for many who are considering vision correction.
If you've been told you're not eligible for LASIK, PRK Vision Correction may be for you.

PRK Vision Correction

PRK surgery is a common procedure used by many ophthalmologists across the country. This procedure uses the same WaveLight® Excimer Laser to reshape the cornea like LASIK, but instead of lifting a flap to reach the sub-layer of the cornea, the outer layer is removed completely by the WaveLight® Femtosecond Laser. This outer layer regrows in about three to five days.

Recovery includes wearing contact lenses for a few days post-PRK surgery to promote the healing and regrowth process. Gaining full vision back takes a bit longer than when LASIK is used due to the outer layer of the cornea actually being removed during the PRK eye surgery. PRK Vision Correction can also yield better long-term vision results when compared to LASIK.

While LASIK is used more often for vision correction surgery, PRK may be the best procedure in certain circumstances.