Military review supports laser procedure safety

Refractive surgery is a safe method for correcting refractive error, according to a retrospective review of all cases of the surgery performed over a 7-year period at a U.S. military laser refractive surgery center.

The review, presented by Major Vashuda A. Panday, MD, identified a very low rate of postoperative microbial keratitis that compares very favorably with the infection rate reported in other series.

What Causes A Cataract?

A cataract is an eye condition that can cause your vision to be impaired. Cataract cannot lead to blindness but it is important to have them removed from your eye. Often a cataract will have developed over time on your eye's natural lens. In the early stages of a cataract your vision will not be harmed. Over time the cataract will grow and become more opaque causing your vision to diminish. Your vision will grow worse as the cataract continues its development.

WaveLight Refractive Suite

Advancing the Speed of Sight

The WaveLight? Refractive Suite is the fastest refractive surgery platform available in the US. This technology starts with the fastest femtosecond laser available in the US, The WaveLight? FS200, adds the swivel bed for patient comfort and ends with the The WaveLight? EX500 Excimer Laser, all to make the LASIK procedure faster and easier for both the patient and the surgeon.

The Truth About Custom LASIK

When It Comes to Custom LASIK, There's More to the Truth Than Meets the Eye

As your doctor, we are always on the lookout for what's best for our patients. However, with all of the gimmicks and competing claims out there, it can be hard to get to the truth.

What makes for truly custom LASIK?

Diabetes and Your Vision

What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

Diabetic Retinopathy can cause permanent loss of eyesight or blindness in individuals with diabetes. There are two types of diabetic retinopathy, both of which are defined by abnormal blood vessels of the retina.

Advanced Diabetic Retinopathy

Eye Anatomy 101

At its most basic, your eye works like a camera, bending light to focus it onto the retina (the back of your eye) for a crisp, clear image.

Now, although the lens inside your eye certainly helps to focus light, the majority of focusing power actually comes from a different part of your eye. The cornea - the clear, protective coating on the surface of your eye - does most of the heavy lifting, making it the the main focus of laser vision correction.

LASIK Financing Available With Approved Credit

Did you know that we have the ability to help finance your LASIK and vision care needs? With our special LASIK financing programs, you can correct your vision and finance eye care procedures such as cataract removal and LASIK eye surgery. When to have your vision procedure should be the question, not how to pay for it. We'd like to make that decision even easier for our patients. That's why we're pleased to offer several LASIK financing options. These attractive options will let you begin your procedure immediately -- then pay for it over time.

Intraocular Lens Technology

ReSTOR and ReZoom lenses employ a unique technology that provides patients a full range of quality vision (near, intermediate and distance) and greatly reduces their reliance on glasses.

Crystalenstm is an accommodative IOL which is used to replace the natural lens. It is able to restore your eye?s natural focusing ability by using a lens design that mimics the way the natural lens flexes and focuses.

STAAR Toric lens is the world?s first toric IOL for the reduction of astigmatism. This IOL is used during cataract surgery to significantly reduce pre-existing astigmatism.

WaveLight EX500

Excimer Laser

Accelerated Excimer Performance

Built on trusted WaveLight? excimer technology, the WaveLight? EX500 Excimer Laser is the next leap forward in fast, accurate refractive laser treatments.

Built for Speed and Superb Outcomes

The WaveLight? Refractive Suite is the fastest refractive surgery platform available in the US: